Lenox Avenue Publishing is an independent publisher of fiction and non-fiction books in all categories and ensures that our titles are promoted widely.  We have ghost-written over a dozen books for clients and have worked with over seventy-five authors over the years with literary publicity and/or publishing.  We provide clients with services from ghost-writing, editing, illustration, layout, printing and distribution.

Our decision to publish will be based on the merit of the work – we make no distinction between published and unpublished authors. Each will be given a voice in all aspects of publishing, promotion, advertising and marketing, including cover art, copy, promotional forums, etc.


At Lenox Ave Publishing, we help authors convert their books and manuscripts into film industry standard screenplays.  Our screenwriters come with the experience of developing scripts for independent and feature films as well as network and cable television programming.  Oftentimes, producers and directors in the film industry are bombarded with countless number of scripts that do not meet their standards….and those scripts get tossed to the side.  To increase the chances that your screenplay will get serious consideration to go into production, our screenwriters will work with you to produce a script that makes your story stand out from the pack.  Screenplays written by our team of screenwriters have been featured and selected in film festivals, television programming, independent and feature films.


Publishing your literary work is a daunting enough task in and of itself, but add to that the need to grab the media and public’s attention for your work and the entire process can be overwhelming and time consuming.  Our team of public relations professionals has garnered local, national and international press for authors.  Whether it’s an interview on CNN, a review in the New York Times or a guest commentary on a blog, we make sure our authors’ works are front and center.  Once the publishing process is done, our priority is to help maximize the amount of publicity and exposure gained. 


Lenox Avenue seeks book length fiction and non-fiction in all categories. We welcome both agented and un-agented submissions that should include the following:

1. A cover letter identifying the work, and giving a brief biographical sketch of the author and his or her history of publications;

2. A brief (one to two page) double-spaced synopsis covering the entire plot, theme and structure of the book, including the conclusion (the synopsis should also identify the genre of the work, if appropriate, the length of the work in words and pages, and whether it is written in the first or third person);

3. A chapter outline of no more than 4-5 pages, single-spaced, that gives us the pace and plot of the novel in detail;

4. The first ten pages of the manuscript;

5. Ten additional consecutive pages of the manuscript of the author's choosing;

6. A self-addressed, stamped envelope sufficient to contain all submitted materials.

We will not editorialize, critique or communicate gratuitous judgments about the quality of the work on the basis of this submission. We will either return the material to you with our thanks or ask to see the entire manuscript.

If we do request the manuscript, we ask that it be forwarded in an envelope marked "requested material," and that it be one-sided, double-spaced and contain a "slug line" at the top stating title and author. It must contain an SASE or email address, to which we shall be happy to respond.

Due to the difficulties of supplying a SASE from countries other than the United States, we suggest that submissions from such nations be sent with an email address, rather than return postage.

We hope to respond to queries within two months, and to requested manuscripts within a six months of receipt.


We understand that not everyone is a gifted writer or has the time to write. Whether it’s a business plan or a book, our clients have hired us to help them with their professional writing needs. Our writing services include:

  • Ghost-writing of books

  • Development and writing of screenplays for film and television

  • Writing and research of business plans

  • Writing and editing of blogs

  • Creation and writing of marketing materials