When you are serious about getting the word out about your event, product launch, or project you want to hire a professional. We have fifteen years of public relations consulting experience and have landed our clients with visibility on local, national and international media outlets including television, print, radio, the internet and social media. We have attained media interest and inquiries from over 2,000 media outlets during our tenure.

Our publicity clients have included major studio-backed and independent films, television projects, authors, non-profits, corporations, musicians, television personalities, professional athletes, NY Times best-selling authors, entrepreneurs and many others.

Don’t trust your publicity needs to an amateur, hire a professional agency. Here are just a few of our professional capabilities:

  • Established tenured relationships with producers and journalist in every major radio, print, television, and internet U.S. media outlet.

  •  We were launched out of the #1 media market in the world – New York City. This gives us a robust advantage of getting doors opened much quicker.

  •  Accomplished the attainment of major interviews for clients on the national level through outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, POLITICO, FOX, BBC, OPRAH RADIO XM CHANNEL, LA TIMES, NY TIMES, EBONY, and hundreds of other outlets.

  • Ability to monitor millions of conversations on social media sites.  This gives us the ability to plug you into relevant conversations to give you the ability to engage with those that already have greater visibility.

  • Access to 65,000 news sources, 400,000 media professionals, 20 million blogs and the entire social web.

  •  Within seconds, we can locate awards, speaking opportunities and editorial calendars to promote your event or services.

  •  Over 13-years experience working with news media on behalf of our clients.