In his first book and bestseller, On the Down Low:  A Journey into the Lives of “Straight” Black Men Who Sleep with Men, J.L. King introduced readers to the deceptive underground world of the “down low” (DL), the subculture of men leading straight lives while secretly sleeping with other men.  In that first book, King’s own life was exhibit A – he lived for years as a DL man and was able to expose this lifestyle with unique authority.

In his follow-up, King brings a message to a new generation of sexually active teens, young adults, and middle-agers.  On the Down Low 2:  A New Message to Generation X and Millennials delves deep into the reasons why the DL culture has not changed a decade after writing his first book on the subject.  

The message of the new book is especially targeting African American women of the Generation X and Millennial generations.  King notes that irresponsible sex, dishonesty, and unsafe behaviors are some of just a few of the reasons why the HIV/AIDS rates among African American women are three times higher than that of white women.  He sends a loud warning that unless men and women become more honest with themselves about their sexual preferences and if homophobia within the African American community persists, the DL behavior will continue to grow to put at risk another generation.    

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